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Welcome to Cattle Veterinary Services

Cattle Veterinary Services, located in Busselton, Western Australia is a veterinary practice dedicated to livestock animals, primarily cattle.

Cattle Veterinary Services provides veterinary services to the nearby dairy farms in the Capel, Busselton and Margaret River regions.

Cattle Veterinary Services also provides veterinary services to cattle producers throughout Western Australia and has the capacity to provide services throughout Australia and in other countries as required.

Cattle Veterinary Services offers a unique blend of traditional veterinary services and veterinary consultancy services in the areas of preventative medicine and production, with programs customised to individual farm needs.
Cattle Veterinary Services also provides a range of animal health products and livestock veterinary equipment.

  • Pregnancy Diagnosis
  • Manual palpation & Ultrasound
  • Herd Health & Production Services
  • Cattle Medicine & Surgery
  • Reproductive Management and A.I. Breeding Programs
  • Mastitis & Milk Quality Management

  • Disease Outbreak and Suboptimal Production Investigations
  • Bull Selection and Breeding Soundness Examination
  • Dairy Nutrition & Ration Formulation
  • Feedlot Medicine & Ruminant Nutrition Services
  • Parasite Monitoring & Control Programs

  • Remote Area Veterinary Services
  • Willis Dropped Ovary Cattle Speying

    For further information;

    Email:    cvs@cattlevets.com.au
    Phone: 08 97512311
    Facsimile:08 97512411

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